• Create a retreat where families of wounded responders can go to reconnect.

  • Offer activities that allow families to experience adventure and fun together.

  • Time for family growth and rebonding.

  • Something refreshing, offering support and honor to deserving men and women.


First Responders put their lives on the line every day for their entire working careers. The number of traumatic events they experience during regular workdays is unlike any other profession.

We offer a regenerative and rejuvenating location for this heroic community that has given so much of themselves. We believe that our retreat will be a special place for First responders to recharge and reconnect with their families and loved ones.

A Rejuvenateing Experience for the Whole Family

Hidden in the rustic desert & mountains of West Texas, the Wounded Responders Retreat is the ideal getaway for the family in search of a place to unplug from the daily grind and renew the energy that comes with life balance. They will see, feel, and experience the peaceful exclusive beauty of the desert and mountains, away from the hustle and responsibilities of demanding, everyday life.

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Adventure awaits!

Wounded Responders Retreat is the dream of Sheriff Arvin West, of Sierra Blanca, Texas.

After a traumatic event, all the attention is on the first responder as an individual. We provide an environment for the family to escape together and reconnect while having fun and spending quality time with one another. The family is a huge motivator and support system for these Heroes to continue to dedicate their lives in service to their community.

Help us provide a recharge for wounded first responders and their families by donating online or mailing a check. We are a tax exempt 501(C)(3) Organization.

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